Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hi, this is Sydney! I am not much of a blogger so bare with me! My mom told me that i needed to post something, so here it is! I wanted to tell you about our experience with the Psycho doctor! The Psychologist! (tee hee) Well ok so a while back my mom and dad had to go into the Psycho doctor just to make sure they were not Psycho! ya know? (i was a little worried about dad, surprisingly he passed, kidding!) Anyway so the Psycho doctor, after meeting Mom and Dad, wanted to meet us girls! CREEPY! We had to go in there to talk with him! AAAAA! I went into his office last because he took us in one by one! When i got into his little office, HE SAT BETWEEN ME AND THE DOOR AND HE LOCKED IT!!! The whole time he was talking i was planning my escape! Just in case! Some of the questions he asked me were "You know these boys aren't going to want to play dalls and paint nails right"? I was like DUDE i am 13 ok!!! He was VERY concerned that i didn't know where i was going to collage and he kept telling me "this is going to be hard for you to accept not being the youngest you know! VERY hard for you," and he was calling me dear, and he was talking in a REALLY slow even voice that gave me the chills! He told Alexandra "You know that this is going to affect your inheritance right"? Like there is even going to be an inheritance!!! Seriously!!! He was also concerned about our church. He told all of us "Oh you need to find a bigger church." Our church is fine thank you very much!!! During my talk with him he, out of the blue, said "my first impression of your mother is she is very gentle but she is tough and can handle all the work around the farm and anything that life throws at her! My first impression of your Father was he is very gruff and rough around the edges and but he is very strong in his faith and affectionate with his family!" DUDE, he wouldn't Shut up!!!!!! He continued "My first impression of your oldest sister Alexandra was she is snippy and tough even though she is small! My first impression of you other sister Miranda is she is very shy in public but at home i am sure she can be very goofy! And my first impression of you is that You are serious and spiritual! I think you REALLY need to get into the church more!!!" At this point i could barely keep in my laughter! It was like we were the first family that he had ever met that weren't psycho! Well... not all the way Psycho!!! I think that was the strangest experience in my LIFE!!! So that's pretty much it! I'll talk to you guys later! Bye!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Whirlwind


It was quite a whirlwind of paperwork this week! At the end of this week I felt like I do at the end of a race: out of breath, tired, and exhilarated.

April 6th, 2009

We got our official approval from Colombia on Monday! It was a crazy mix of emotions, everything from joy, relief, excitement, fear. I couldn't stop shaking for quite awhile! It finally seems like a reality. It's been over a year, and at times it has seemed like a dream. With this approval letter we got more specific information about the boys. We now know that they like cars and anything with wheels, football (American or Colombian, I'm not sure), puzzles, hiking, painting, clay, swimming, and horses. They are becoming more and more a part of our family with every passing day!

April 8th, 2009

Wednesday we mailed our final acceptance letter to our adoption agency saying that even after receiving more background, physical, and health information about the boys we still want to adopt them. That was a "no-brainer".

April 10th, 2009

We mailed the i800 form which basically says that we will provide for these two children and they won't end up in our welfare system. This has to be approved by our immigration office before we can leave.

We still need to apply for our visas, book plane tickets, buy some clothes for them, book our hotel, and several other details I can't recall right now. We hope to fly on Sat. May 9th. We just have to make sure that our visas will be back, our i800 gets approved in time and that the date works with the orphanage.

WOW!! I'm out of breath.