Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 5 in Bogota

Today is Monday and we will be home on Wednesday!!!

This morning I took the boys for haircuts. They were looking pretty shaggy and knowing that it's 95 degrees at home I thought they might appreciate it. Miguel went first (because Mauricio was too chicken:). The guy put the #2 blade on and went to work. Miguel wanted some left in front so he could spike it up and I could tell he was pleased with the finished product by the huge smile as he admired himself in the mirror:) Mauricio was next and, being the more conservative of the two, asked the guy to buzz it all. He was pleased as well and I think they look extremely handsome!!! Then we went to the mall to buy a new suitcase since the zipper on one of mine broke on the way to Bogota and I know customs is none too gentle when they go through your bags.

When we got back to the hotel Maria Consuelo picked us up for a wonderfully delicious lunch at her home with her son Santiago. We had a great time and then went to the US Embassy to pick up the boys Visas. That was the last piece to the seemingly endless puzzle. They can come home now!!!

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  1. I feel like doing a happy dance for you guys! Finally! I am so excited and can't wait to hug you and the boys. I will be praying the travels go smoothly tomorrow. See you very soon!